Over the next month, we’ll be giving away two pieces of Fashletics jewelry. Simple, beautiful pieces for people who love to work out.

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I’m not a fan of accessories but I have a few statement pieces. The beauty of these pieces is in the memories that they bring. It’s what makes them stand out when you wear them.

One piece from my memories collection is a sterling steel running shoes with a tag that says Find Your Victory. I’ve been running for 16 years already and can’t stop doing it … perhaps to keep finding my victory. The piece is undoubtedly a part of who I am and it takes me back to the time in my life when it was given to me by Sarah Wilson, founder of Fashletics.

Sarah is a fitness and sports girl, so committed to living and to breathing fitness that she was among the 10 final candidates to win the SOBeFiT Fittest Person of the Year 2009 . Her charm and genuine personality made me invite her to do my fitness DVD series with me. This took us into a long journey together. You can’t imagine how many times we had to squat and to do lunges and push-ups. On the last day of the video shoot, she gave me the running shoes piece, an unforgettable moment.

Let’s meet Sarah.

How did this idea of combining jewelry with fitness start?

I have been an artist and an athlete for as long as I can remember.  Both jewelry design and sports started out as hobbies and were completely separate from one another.  Jewelry became a career after college and athletics was on the back burner as a hobby. When I moved to Miami in 2006 I got involved in triathlons and then CrossFit as a way to meet people and stay fit.  I started training and competing and became more and more obsessed with it.  I started making fitness related jewelry for my sporty friends to commemorate different races and athletic accomplishments. Right away I knew I was on to something based on the positive responses I was getting and requests for more and more designs.  I developed a small product line and set up a booth at a local CrossFit event last spring and that really sealed the deal.  I felt like I was in my element. All the stars were aligned. I was finally equal parts athlete and designer and it felt really right.

Did you do it yourself? I mean is it handmade?

All of my designs are handmade.  I studied jewelry design and metalwork at The University of Michigan School of Art and Design.  I absolutely love working with metal.  I picked up my first torch when I was 16 and never looked back.  Each piece is either fabricated out of metal (sawed, pierced, hammered, soldered, etched, carved, etc.) or I use the lost wax casting process. With this process I carve the object out of wax and cast it in silver, bronze, or pewter.  I make a mold of each original prototype and then cast them in various metals for production.

Who would love to wear your pieces?

When I picture the perfect Fashletics spokesperson  I just picture someone drenched in sweat with a huge smile on their face, heart pounding, out of breath. And when I say “someone” I really mean anyone! Not a pro athlete, not a world record holder, though they are definitely worthy “Fashletes.”   Fashletics is all about training hard and loving life, appreciating every breath you take and making each breath count.  I don’t have a specific person in mind because Fashletics celebrates the inner athlete in all of us.  Just because you aren’t a pro doesn’t mean you can’t feel like one.

How do you keep a fit and healthy lifestyle? What do you do? What advice do you offer?

I am a CrossFitter through and through.  Hands down this is the best  program I have ever used for overall strength and conditioning.  Since I am a competitive endurance athlete I follow a program called CrossFit Endurance.  This program is based on the CrossFit training method but incorporates sport specific training such as running, biking, and swimming.  I have been following this program for almost two years.  Thanks to this program I have qualified for the ITU Duathlon World Championships two years in a row.  Last year I got to race with Team USA in Scotland.  I coach and train at South Florida CrossFit Endurance in Fort Lauderdale.

Nutrition is also key. I eat as close to “paleo” as possible (lean protein, veggies, some fruit, “good fat”) in “Zone Diet” proportions (30% protein, 30% fat, 30% carbohydrate).  Getting enough sleep and allowing your body adequate time to recover from intense training is also important.  More is not necessarily better.