The power of smells in losing weight; what people find more annoying on Facebook; the most common missteps when cooking and how to act like a top chef; is running on asphalt actually good? boost testosterone by eating  chocolate… all this and more in my weekly reading roundup.

Men’s Health U.K. 

–        Is running on asphalt good after all? A study in the Journal of Sports Sciences says so, at least for the vascular system. Athletes who spent over an hour running in grass had a higher level of blood cell damage than those who ran on asphalt.

–        Can you stop forming fat by exercising? Well, exercise doesn’t just burn fat but seems to stop new fat from forming. Working out under an hour, three times a week stimulate stem cells to become bone rather than fat in the bone marrow cavity.

–        Make friends to burn fat: A research at Ohio State University found that making the social network bigger can turn bad white fat cells into a good brown fat cells, which actually make you burn fat.

–        Need to bring dangerous triglycerides blood levels down? Add turmeric and cinnamon to a high fat meal reduces your body’s response to triglycerides by 30 percent.

–         Top five foods for boosting testosterone (Women, don’t be afraid to include them too.): roast beef, oysters, pepperoni, chocolate and marmite.

Real Simple

Unless you’re a chef, chances are that you’ve made some of these mistakes when cooking.  Know, how to fix or to prevent them?

–        Searing meat over too-low heat: A good steak-house requires a burst of heat so the protein in the meat cooks quickly. Do this: Crank the heat up to medium-high or high and let the pan sizzle for a couple of minutes before putting the meat in it.

–        Overmixing doughs and batters: This activates gluten, which can give baked goods a firm and elastic structure, which is good for chewy pizza crust but not for pastry. Do this: Go slow and gentle for tender cakes. Use the lowest speed on an electric mixer or mix hand until just combined. A few lumps in the batter are fine. Likewise, don’t use cold eggs and dairy products. They should be at room temperature.

–        Slicing meat immediately after it’s cooked: When meat is hot the muscle fibers contract and disperse the juice.  Do this: Let the meat rest after cooking so the muscles can relax and the juice can redistribute to enjoy the entire flavor.

Part of a healthy living is to share our experiences with others but what should we consider when posting on Facebook?

–        The most annoying kind of facebook updates are:

  1. Vague post meant to generate attention or concern such as “Jennifer wonders whether it’s all been worth it.”
  2. Chronic complaining
  3. Meaningless calls to action
  4. Over-sharing
  5. Posting toooo frequently

–        What to ask yourself before you post?

  1. Am I trying to make up for something I’m not getting in real life?
  2. Am I really sharing?
  3. Would I tell Matt Lauer on The Today Show?

Women’s Day

Surprising smells that help you to:

  1. Finish tasks quickly: mixed floral
  2. Increase athletic abilities: jasmine
  3. Stimulate weight loss: banana, peppermint or green apple
  4. Makes you look better: grapefruit