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Men’s Health

–        Wonder what muscles are tackled doing barbell chest press or dumbbell chest press?  The barbell press focuses more on the chest and the triceps while the dumbbells emphasize the chest, biceps and shoulders.

–        Change the color: If you want to eat less, don’t match the color of the food to the plate. When the colors are the same, people ate 30 percent more pasta Alfredo.

–        Smarter in a bite: People who ate more food rich in choline did better in a cognitive test. Good sources: salmon, eggs, turkey and halibut.

a)     Unilateral workout:  Usually balance training is used for rehab purposes. However, you may have one muscle weaker than the other without noticing. You won’t realize your muscle unbalances while doing squats, leg press, and chest press, among other exercises. Not fixing this issue may set yourself up for injury.   Besides, it may be time to spark your workout. (Note: the exercises are not exactly the same as shown in the magazine.)

b)     Do this routine as a circuit, moving from one move to the next one.

c)     Perform 8 reps per side for a total of 16.

d)     Repeat the circuit as many times as you can for 15min.

e)     Rest up to 1 min at the end of the circuit.

Unilateral deadlift

Unilateral squat to shoulder press


Dumbell unilateral  lunge

Single arm chest press

Neutral grip dumbbells single arm row

Prevention magazine

–        2-Day Diet:  according to a British study when two groups were put in a diet: one group had a diet of 1,500 calories a day while the second group was just told to avoid starchy carbs two days in a week. The part-time carb cutters lost almost twice the weight.

–        Exercise perks: 32 percent motivation, 28 percent time management, 26 percent concentration, 26 percent stress management, 25 percent productivity and 15 percent accuracy exercise improvements compared with a day you don’t exercise.

–        Are high pollen levels keeping you from exercising? Following these guidelines:

a)     Workout in the morning since most pollen counts peak mid-afternoon.

b)     Pollen counts are higher on hot days. Rain cleans the air of pollen.

c)     Pollen can attach to the skin and clothes.

d)     An extra 8 ounces of water a day can help you breathe better.