“Marta really inspired me as I’m now training for a triathlon!”

– Natalie Morales, NBC Co-Anchor for The Today Show


“I am so impressed with how Marta manages to run a business and still find time to train. Obviously fitness is a passion of hers and it shows, and I admire her.”

– Mario Lopez, TV personality and NBC Anchor for EXTRA





“I’ll paste Marta’s photo on my fridge for inspiration.”

Misty May-Treanor, 2x Olympic Gold Medal Winner





“I’ve made Marta’s exercise part of my daily routine. I enjoy all of them.”

– Fernando Verdasco (Top 15 in the ATP)







“Marta’s workout routine is part of what I need to withstand such a demanding tennis circuit. It has complete exercises that work your whole body.”

Feliciano Lopez (World-ranked tennis player)





“I used several of Marta’s exercises for my rehabilitation from surgery to strengthen the muscles around my hamstrings.”

Carlos Moya (Former World No.1 tennis player)


“I’ve never worked on an stability ball before Marta’s Routine. I had no idea it was so challenging to perform her exercises while having o balance your core, but I can already feel the benefit in my abdominals and legs- the muscles you need to excel at cycling.”

– David Bisbal, Latin Grammy-winning Spanish icon




“It was a great endurance workout. It was very unique and pretty challenging. It’s definitely something that I can add to my own personal workout routine.”

Helio Castroneves, three-time Indianapolis 500 winner

“You are one of the most generous leaders who I recommend to ALL my students / clients / friends all around the world for the best information, and support. Thank you Marta for all you do and the wonderful person you are.”

– Dr. Jack Barnathan, D.C, award winning sports Doctor, International Sports Sciences
Association’s Director of Fitness Sciences

“Marta is one of my favorite female fitness talents combining the best attributes of beauty, feminine fitness and educated fitness advice. I am a definitely a fan of hers.”

Jade Teta, ND CSCS, author of the New Me Diet