Marta Montenegro is a pioneer in advocating health, nutrition and fitness based in science. A firm believer in the benefits of weight training for all, Marta is also an avid runner who just can’t stop running. Her life experience has led to her to many roles including publisher of SoBEFiT magazine, professor at Florida International University, award-winning blogger, life coach, motivational speaker, business reporter, advisor to world-class athletes and, above all, a dedicated role model to her fans who she personally interacts with through her social media networks.

Marta is an influencer who can work for you.

Motivational/corporate speaking

Marta’s life changed when she lost her father as a teenager. She dedicated her life’s work to learning about and teaching others about health and fitness. Turning your passion into your career – thus living a happy life – is what Marta will inspire. Inject energy into your next event with Marta as your speaker.

Endorsements and consulting

Marta is a brand that can create and solidify a look and marketing strategy that will leverage partnerships, sponsorships, and brand recognition. She will endorse products she truly believes in and her rigorous standards add weight to her endorsements. She also has established a special connection with the Latino community here and abroad. Gain access to Marta’s experience in health and fitness marketing as she can truly help shape your brand or product with messaging that is on-target.

Corporate training and wellness programs

Let’s face it. Most office workers need to be reenergized. Marta will reinvigorate your company with fresh ideas on how to be more productive, how to gain more energy, how to deal with your co-workers, and any other topics that need attention. She can show stretches you can do at your desk, how to strap on sneakers for a quick lunch break walk and talk about the best snacks for the workday.

Life coaching/fitness advisor

While Marta believes in the power of diet and exercise, she understands that true health encompasses a sound mind, body and soul. She’s worked for professional tennis players, busy moms and high-powered excutives to help them achieve peak performance in their game and their mental outlook. As a self-made businesswoman, Marta can create a personalized plan for you to live your dreams.

Journalist/freelance writing

With formal training as a broadcast and print journalist, Marta delivers old-school fundamentals in solid reporting combined with the audience attention-grabbing delivery that the digital age requires. In addition to editing her own national award-winning fitness magazine, Marta has contributed to top-tier publications like Self, Fox News and AOL.

Live event and on-air expert

Need an engaging expert to explain the science behind the latest health, nutrition and fitness trend? Want someone who can demonstrate an exercise routine? Marta is a regular guest on CCN en Espanol and has a wide range of broadcast experience, even trading barbs with comedians on “The Joy Behar Show.”

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